The Children's Church was created as a way to teach children how to praise and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Its primary goal is to prepare the youth (spiritually) to enter the church body of Christ.  At Mount Olive Baptist Church we believe that children are a heritage from the Lord and that parents are accountable to God for their spiritual training. A good children's ministry supports and equips parents in this endeavor. In the children's church program we focus on the joys of a relationship with Jesus and the benefits of righteous living. The age groups are from 4 years old to 12 years old. The staff has a standard curriculum. 

Senior Pastor N. L. Robinson and the children's church staff strives to ensure that not only are your children taught the Gospel of Salvation through Jesus an exemplify the benefits of righteous living, but also to train children to minister to one another. For example children participating in children's church will be given opportunities to participate in the worship service through prayer, song and reading the scripture.

Youth Baptism Orientation for children (12 yrs old and under) is held at the Children's Church every third and fourth Sunday. Parents are required to attend with their children. (Matthew 3; 28:19-20; Acts 2:38, 41, 8:12, 35-38)


The Children's Church is located at 1111 Gibbins Road, Arlington, Texas 76011. Just a few blocks north of Division Street.


For health reasons children with a possible contagious illness are not permitted in Children's Church.     

If your child has experienced a temperature above 99°, vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours prior to a service or event, and / or if the child currently has a cough, runny nose, or runny eyes in which the drainage is anything other than perfectly clear (e.g., untreated pink eye); we ask that the child do not attend Children's Church for the sake of the other children's health.

Check In / Check Out Procedures 

  • Children that attend Children's Church should assemble in the Mount Olive Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. 
  • Representatives will be available to sign children in.  The responsible person signing the child in will have to be the same person that picks the child up at sign out (must be an adult please).
  • Children will be taken to the Mount Olive Baptist Church Annex by van from the Pick Up location at 10:30 AM.  They will be returned to the Pick Up location at 12:15 PM. Children to be picked up must be signed out by the same person that signed them in. 

MOBC Children's Church