A        90 - 100
B        80 - 89
C        70 - 79
F        69 or below
I         Incomplete

If more than five (5) absences occur per course, per semester, the student may be required to repeat the course.

Failed Class
A failed class is a semester grade for a course of less than 70.  In order to graduate, a student must repeat the course.

Incomplete Class
A semester grade of 'I' means the student has failed to complete the course requirements, as established by the instructor.  Course requirements must be completed by the end of the next semester exclusive of the summer sessions.  If course work is not completed during the next semester, the student must repeat the course.   

Honor Graduates
Honors shall be awarded to the graduating senior with the highest and second highest cumulative grade point average for combined Basic and Advance Biblical Studies.

Non-Credit Students
Students who are not officially enrolled to receive credit for graduation are considered 'non-credit students'.  Non-Credit students may participate in the entire curriculum, but will not be eligible to receive a diploma.  At the instructor's discretion, assignments may be accepted for grading purposes only.