• Introducing the lost individual to Jesus Christ as Savior.
  • Assist the Christian in becoming rightly related to Christ as Lord of their Life
  • Help the individual to become rightly related to the church and the world. Church membership, church attendance, and church activity must be our goal for the individual, but must always follow salvation.
  • Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, try to learn the specific trouble spots of the individual regarding salvation. 
  • Recruitment of new members


The regularly scheduled meetings of the Evangelistic Team are held each Saturday except the Saturday before the first Sunday and the fifth Sunday, unless otherwise notified.  The meetings begin at 10:00 AM and last until approximately 10:45 AM.  The team will then proceed to the field activity at a location previously determined by the Field Coordinator.  Return to the church is expected to be around 12:00 Noon.


Team Member Considerations

  • Must be a professed and possessed Christian
  • Must be a person of prayer
  • Must be a spirit filled Christian
  • Must be convinced that Jesus Christ can meet any person's needs.
  • Must have a love of Christ, a love of souls, and a sense of urgency.
  • Does not have to be a Bible scholar but must know how they were saved and know where to find a scripture on salvation in the Bible.



  • Reports status and has responsibility to Senior Pastor
  • Coordinates all functions, activities and meetings unless designated
  • Maintains all records and files for the committee
  • Represents and speaks for the Evangelistic Team

Committees / Projects

  • Each committee / project has specific responsibilities
  • Each team member must be on a committee and/or project
  • Members of committees / projects may rotate once a year
  • Committee / project chairpersons are selected by the Director

Survey Teams

  • Either 2 men & 1 woman or 2 women & 1 man but never 2 women or 2 men alone
  • Survey team acts according to procedures as designated by the Director
  • Team should be punctual at team meetings and on field activities
  • One member of team responsible for Bible, another for the survey and the third as leader of the team.  Positions should rotate to give all an opportunity to participate in the various roles.


Men Should wear casual clothes

  • Slacks and team shirt (no tank tops or muscle wear)
  • Clean Shaven
  • No ear rings or excessive jewelry

Women should wear casual clothes

  • Dress or skirt and blouse / Team Shirt 
  • No excessive jewelry
  • No revealing clothes
  • Pants may be worn in winter based upon drop in temperature

Education / Training

  • Training sessions are held for new members which includes discussions of general guidelines as well as role playing upon request.
  • There should be general review and discussion of scriptures used in field activities during regular meetings and training sessions, when possible.
  • There is an emphasize on prayer in the individual and as a group.
  • Members should continue to grow in spiritual maturity and attend MOBI, if possible, but it is not a requirement for the Evangelistic Team.

Field Materials

  • Small Bible
  • Tracks - As Available
  • Survey, Visitation Log and Pen