The Mount Olive Baptist Church Prison Ministry Team assembles at the Tarrant County Jail each Tuesday at 6:30 PM along with volunteers from other organizations and churches.  Each member of the team is responsible for their own transportation to the facility.  The time allowed for each visit with the inmates is set by the facility and usually lasts for approximately one hour.


All guidelines established by the Tarrant County Office of the Sheriff and the Chaplain / Director of Inmate Services must be followed without deviation.  Men and women Place of Detention (POD) assignments will be designated to the volunteer by the Religious Volunteer Coordinator of the correctional facility.   You may go to the same area (POD) on a regular basis or be directed to where assistance is needed.  Male volunteers meet with male inmates and women meet with female inmates.  

The Bible is the primary resource used in this ministry and references to particular denominations and/or practices of a religion are avoided. 

This ministry only works with prisoners while they are incarcerated and no follow up structure has been developed by Mount Olive Baptist Church.  All inmate participation is voluntary, therefore, prisoners are not required to attend these Bible Study sessions.