Group Section Leaders

  1. Meet for special called meetings to discuss the status of groups and captains
  2. Work directly with his / her assigned group captains in maintaining group organization charts, and ensuring that a copy of the chart is contained within the group folder, establishing a yearly calendar (ensuring that activity dates do not conflict with church activities); and check quarterly with group captains about group activities. 
  3. Maintain communication with assigned group captains to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities and are carrying them out properly and are  communicating with their group members.
  4. Contact captains within assigned groups during emergencies of any kind (e.g. funerals, deaths, illnesses where special prayer is requested).
  5. Meet with assigned groups to plan activities from within the groups, and to discuss and offer solutions to all problems. 
  6. Advise captains of training sessions.
  7. Encourage each captain to be personally concerned for the spiritual condition of each group member.  Pray much for and with them.

Food Committee

  1. Coordinate all food and drink requirements for groups for all church activities / occasions.
  2. Prepare food for any activity the Church deems necessary, such as the church picnic, homecoming, anniversaries, etc.
  3. Work with Food Committee on food amounts needed for church sponsored  activities.
  4. Report to Group Representative Committee the group's food requirements for that activity.
  5. Maintain record of groups not responding to requests.