Minister to the growth of the members

  1. Establish a friendly, Christ like closeness with each group member.
  2. Furnish each member with a current list of addresses and phone numbers of the group.  Encourage each member to talk with another member at least once a week.  
  3. Have fellowships quarterly.
  4. Establish a rapport with your members and make them feel welcome.   
  5. Group captains should know each of their members by name.
  6. Study the Bible to promote growth in each member.
  7. Encourage member to attend (individually or in groups) the Mount Olive Bible Institute (MOBI), Wednesday Night Prayer and Bible Study, and Sunday School.
  8. Provide committee leaders with a list of church activities, (e.g. the choir, ushers, etc.).
  9. Ensure that all members are assured of their salvation and have attended the Church Orientation program.  (Note:  The Pastor should be made aware of any member who is not assured of his / her salvation.) 


Support all church policies and programs

  1. Remind members of special activities and urge financial and prayerful support with attendance and participation.
  2. Provide instruction in proper use of church envelopes and let the member know that envelopes do not need to be given to the Group Captain.
  3. Records of group contributions can be obtained via the church secretary's office.


Minister to the needs of members

  1. Some of our members are young people with no relatives in the area.  Any illnesses or misfortune can trigger a feeling of loneliness.  Encourage group members to assist in visitations and in lending prayer and support to other members in their time of need.  It is a time to demonstrate love and Christ like concern.
  2. Encourage your members to report illnesses, misfortune, births, marriages or other blessings to you or a designated member. 
  3. Be certain that a member of the group visits a member who is ill or having other problems as soon as the problem is known (only if the church member has granted permission).    
  4. In the loss of a loved one, the group should coordinate and serve food to the bereaved family.  The Church will assist, but the group should lead the way.
  5. Pass along any good news such as weddings, new births, etc.  Remember the Pastor may not know these things unless you tell him or a member of the committee.
  6. Keep the Pastor and / or the designated committee informed of the welfare of the members.
  7. Notify the Pastor and / or committee when a member is hospitalized, has a death in the immediate family, or is in serious financial need.
  8. Group Captains should provide the following 'order of contact' to group members:

    Church Office (Monday - Friday / 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
    Group Captain
    Sr. Pastor N. L. Robinson
    Pastor J. P. Thompson, Jr.
    Asst Pastor Willie D. Adams

    Please remember that we do not want any member neglected.  It is the responsibility of the Group Captain to ensure that the needs of each member are met.

Group Captain's Objective

  1. Keep in constant contact with all of his / her members.     
  2. Plan group activities that will foster Christian fellowship.
  3. To eliminate, through his / her performance, negative comments.