Groups are required to establish the following

  1. All groups should have a yearly activity calendar on file.  Dates for group activities must not conflict with those set by the Church for church activities.
  2. In the spirit of cooperation, groups are expected to actively contribute to the functions of the Church in an occasion such as food service activities, sports activities,  or other church functions requiring group participation.
  3. Groups should establish the following committees in order to facilitate group functions.  All committee activities must be carried out through the Group Captain or designated person:

    Activity Committee - Coordinate all group activities

    Food Committee - Oversee the preparation and delivery of food functions that include dining.

    Contact Committee - Responsibilities include contacting all group members at least once a week, maintaining updated phone numbers and welcoming new members to the Church and group.

  4. Each group must have a secretary to assist the group leader with all tasks, encourage leader to carry out functions, keep group records and coordinate any notifications to group members (e.g. letters, flyers, etc.).