History of MOBC Mission India

A few years ago, a young evangelist from India named A. R. T. Prem Nath contacted Senior Pastor N. L. Robinson. He wanted to come and share his testimony and vision for his Christian ministry in India. He shared with the ministerial staff his testimony of how he came to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a country dominated by Muslims and Hindus. 

He tells the story of how he was greatly depressed after the death of a friend and was despaired so much so that he no longer wanted to live himself. Then a man, who was a Christian gave him a book to read, it was the Gospel of John. It changed Prem Nath's life. He shared his testimony with his family and friends in his village. He admonished them to throw away their idols and worship the true and living God, the Lord Jesus Christ. Must to his own surprise they turned from their idols and submitted their lives to Christ. 

Today A. R. T. Prem Nath serves as the founder of Gospel Prayer Ministries. Gospel Prayer Ministries is a Holy Bible based, Christ–Centered, Indigenous and multicultural Faith ministry, non-profit tax exempt organization established in India in 1995 with a Vision For India & Asia to reach the unreached people and to obey our Lord’s loving Last command ( Great Commission ) Matthew 28 :18-20, Matthew 24 : 14

A.R.T.PREM NATH, is passionate for God. Because of his passion for Lord Jesus and his dedication to those within the lowest castes’ untouchables’ (Dalit and traibles), many lives have been changed throughout the states of Orissa A.P and Tamilnadu , India.

Through the support of Senior Pastor Robinson and the Mount Olive Baptist Church, wells have been built in villages around India and a church has been built. Today, there is a Mount Olive Baptist Church, India that serves as a the same beacon of light in the community in India as the Mount Olive Baptist Church, Arlington, Texas. Nearly 100 people attend services at the Mount Olive Baptist Church India.

God's Prayer Ministries Spreads the Gospel