Healthy Tips

Five Strategies to get started on the 10 lbs challenge: 
  1. Get Rid of the junk food ( clean out any cookies, candies, cakes, donuts, chips,snack crackers, sodas, other sweet treats from the cabinets & refrigerator) These foods will hinder your results.

  2. Load up on bottle water ( start drinking 8 glasses a day or four 16 oz bottles) This will help hydrate, flush out toxins and assist with weight loss. The more the better even half your body weight in oz is a great goal.

  3. Eat three meals a day ( don't skip meals, your body needs fuel don't run it on empty and set yourself up to store fat).

  4. Let veggies both raw (as a salad) and cooked be the majority of your lunch and dinner. Add chicken, turkey, fish, tuna and nuts to each meal for protein. If you want beef or pork, let it serve as a treat once at the end of each month of the challenge. Don't eat late at night ( try to stop eating 2-3 hours before you go to bed). Most late eating is stored as fat and not burned off by using it for energy. It will also improve sleep if you don't lay down on a heavy/ full stomach.

  5. Don't over eat at any meal ( control your portions, eat slower ). When you over eat the body can't burn it all so it stores the rest, it may also cause bloating, digestive issues which can lead to weight gain. 

Healthy Tips 2

The next lap.....
Lay it down...put it down , yes things you want to avoid on the challenge.
Fried foods, sugar & corn syrup, alcohol, whole milk, yellow cheese, processed meats like hot dogs and pre packaged cold cuts sour cream,margarine, mayonnaise, cream cheese, hydrogenated oils, lard, creamy salad dressings and all fast food.
Preparing your mind. Think about your journey to a Healthy Lifestyle. When you plan your day and make small changes you will have BIG success in your weight loss. Little changes can make a big difference.

Healthy Tips 3

  1. Get moving....example=add a walk for 20- 30 min, take a fitness class, ride a bike for 15- 30 min, count your steps around the house, get 5-10 thousand a day, exercise in a pool if you have joint issues or limitations. 

  2. Add Extra fiber to your meals.....flax seeds , oatmeal, kidney beans, all veggies & fruit help. Fiber will help keep your blood sugar leveled, transport bad cholesterol out of your body and make you feel full sooner.

  3. Get more sleep, studies show a lack of sleep can make you gain weight. Goal, shoot to be in bed by 10:30 PM or earlier. 

  4. Add more colors to each meal, a healthy variety of veggies will help with weight loss & provide more nutrients. Try making a homemade soup with five or more veggies, or a salad with 5 or more colors. Make veggies the largest part of every meal than add your, turkey, chicken,lentils, beans, eggs & nuts.

  5. Limit bread intake to breakfast only...notice the difference in bloat, water weight and your stomach when you reduce bread and other forms of flour.

  6. Add good fat: eat avocados, extra virgin olive oil, almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, fish oil, eggs and extra virgin coconut oil in moderation .

  7. Control your portions.....when you want a treat, only eat half.