All Child Development Center and pre-school staff maintain a professional environment by providing positive interaction with children, parents and co-workers.  Conferences with parents concerning a child's progress are held as needed.  All staff comply with Family Services licensing rules and regulations.  All staff comply with all state mandated daycare policies and procedures and are CCMS Approved CDA certified staff

Mrs. Lavern Adams, Director


Parent Information

Drop-ins are accepted providing the same enrollment information requested above is provided.  Other conditions include space availability, staff/child ration is not exceeded, a request is made giving prior notice of your intentions and that the child is not suffering from some illness. 

Please do not allow children to bring toys (trucks, action figures, dolls, etc.), money or movie videos from home to the center unless requested by a teacher for an activity.  The only exceptions are children in the infant room.

Please do not leave any type of medications or personal items (wallets, identification, credit or bank cards, etc.) in your child's diaper bag or back pack.  We will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

Parents may visit the center at any time during operation hours and are encouraged to participate in any activities that are being held at the center.  If a parent would like to meet with the director to review and discuss any questions or concerns about the policies and procedures, you may do so over the phone or you may call and set an appointment. 

Parents are also welcome to review a copy of the minimum standards and the center's most recent Licensing inspection report.  Parents may contact the local Licensing office at (817) 321 - 8604, the PRS child abuse hotline at (800) 525-5400 or the PRS website at


The Mount Olive Child Development Center offers a curriculum utilizing the High Reach methodology that is centered around the basic principles of child development.  We provide a learning environment which focuses on the physical, social, emotional, cognitive or intellectual and language development of the child through the use of learning centers.  These centers are as follows:  dramatic play, library, blocks, art, music, science, manipulative, wood work, and sand/water play.   


The Mount Olive Child Development Center transports children on field trips from and to the school.   Detail guidelines are available from the center. 



The following is a list of health documents required by the state to be on file upon enrollment:

  • Current immunization record
  • One of the following:
    • A physical statement from a licensed physician
    • Copy of medical screening form (EPSDT)
    • Statement from a health service clinic stating that the child has been examined by a licensed physician within the past year including physician name and address with the same such statement to be submitted to the center by the licensed physician within a 12 month period. 

The Special Senses and Communication Disorders Act, Texas Health and Safety Code requires that all children enrolled for the first time in any public, private, parochial, or denominational school or in a Texas Department of Family and Protective Services licensed day care center and group day care home in Texas, or who meet certain grade criteria, must be screened or have a professional examination for possible vision and hearing problems.

The requirements for vision and hearing screening apply each year for children enrolled in any licensed day care center, group day care home or school program.  Children who are 4 years old by September 1st, Kindergartens, and other first time entrants (4 years through 12th grade) must be screened. 

A child who appears ill at the time of drop off will not be accepted into the center.  When a child becomes ill, while in our care, a parent will be notified and expected to pick up the child within the hour.  The child will not be able to return to the center the next day if the child is sent home with a temperature of 100 degrees or above.  The child should also remain excluded until the fever is gone without the use of medication.  The center director will also use discretion to accept or deny the admittance of a sick child even with the presence of a doctor's statement.  If you child has a fever the night before, please do not medicate and bring to the center on the following day. 

In our continued effort to be a better service to the parents of our center, we, the Mount Olive Child Development Center staff provide you the opportunity to have medication administered to your child(ren) during the course of each day when necessary.  Please see the center for guidelines that must be consistently followed in order to be in compliance with the Texas Human Resources Minimum Standards for Day Care Centers. 

A copy of the Emergency Medical Plan utilized by the center may be received upon request from the center.  


Discipline will be individualized and consistent for each child and appropriate to the child's level of understanding.  It will be directed toward teaching the child acceptable behavior and self-control.   Detail guidelines are available from the center.