General Information

A. Qualifications for Participation

  1. Members of the Mount Olive Baptist Church, eight (8) years and older, are eligible to participate in the N. L. Robinson Family Life Center. Participants agree to abide by the policies and procedures established by the church to govern the use of the facility. 
  2. Guests, when accompanied by members of Mount Olive, are encouraged to attend. Any member of the church may bring up to two (2) guests to the Family Life Center are asked to make arrangements in advance.
  3. Visitors are welcome. Visitors must fill out and sign the Waiver of Liability Form before they are allowed to participate in any activity. Visitors who attend three (3) or more times will be asked to purchase an I. D. Card.
  4. Children, seven (7) years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult when entering the Family Life Center. A young person, at least 15 years of age, may be substituted for an adult. 
  5. The Athletic Committee will review the policies periodically.
  6. You must be 16 or older to participate in adult activities. 

B. Identification (I.D.) Cards 

  1. An Identification Card will be required for all who use the Family Life Center. 
  2. Members of Mount Olive must join the Family Life Center by purchasing an I.D. Card. 
  3. Guests and visitors attending activities of the Family Life Center will be required to complete and sign the “Waiver of Liability Form”. 
  4. The cost of the I.D. Cards is $5.00 annually, with the maximum per family of $15.00. Members will be asked to present their I.D. Cards before entering the Family Life Center. The I.D. Cards will be returned when members leave the facility. Senior Citizens 65 years or older are not required to pay fees. 

C. General Guidelines 

  1. The Family Life Center is a part of the Mount Olive Baptist Church and those participating in its programs should dress and conduct themselves accordingly. 
  2. The use of tobacco or alcohol will not be allowed anywhere in the facility. 
  3. Entrances and Exits will be made through the front door only. 
  4. No pets will be allowed in the Family Life Center. 
  5. No food or drinks will be allowed out of the Concession area. 
  6. Any equipment or facilities broken or damaged by careless or negligent play must be paid for by the person or group responsible for the damage. 
  7. Violations of any of the policies and guidelines could lead to loss of eligibility in the Family Life Center activities. 
  8. The Athletic Department and/or Family Life Center Staff will be responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of the rules of conduct.