Policies and Procedures


  1. Any non-expendable athletic equipment which is damaged, lost or de- stroyed must be replaced by the individual or group responsible. 
  2. All team practices must be scheduled through the Athletic Committee and will be limited to a one-hour period. 
  3. Only Mount Olive Baptist Church teams will be scheduled for practice in the Family Life Center. 
  4. Regular tennis shoes will be the only footwear permitted on the gym floor: no street, track or black-soled jogging shoes will be allowed. 
  5. Food, drink, and chewing will not be allowed in the gym for either participants or spectators. 
  6. Outside equipment may not be brought in for private use in the Family Life Center (basketballs, volleyballs, etc.). 
  7. No Profanity, No Unsportsmanlike Conduct, No Sagging, No Shirt No Play 

B. BASKETBALL — See Rules 

C. VOLLEYBALL — See Rules 


  1. Fitness equipment is available for workouts in the fitness area of the FLC. 
  2. Participants must bring their own mats and towels. 

EBATTING CAGE—contact the Athletic Staff to schedule use. 


  1. Personal lockers will be available for team participants.
  2. The Family Life Center will provide the locks for all rental lockers. Unregis- tered locks will be removed from the lockers.
  3. Any lockers not rented will be available for use at all times. 


  1. Only authorized or scheduled workers will be permitted in the office area. 
  2. The phone in the office is for Family Life Center business ONLY. 


  1. Proper dress for the gym is required. 
  2. Biker-shorts may only be worn if other shorts are worn on top of them. 

Short-shorts are not permitted. 



A game will consist of fifteen points, and you must win by two (2) points. Sudden death will be played if the two (2) point margin is not met. The game will then end when the first team gets 21 points, if the two (2) point margin is not met before then. 

A match will consist of the best 2 out of 3 games depending on the number of participants. The staff members on duty will make the decision. 

Players will call violations unless there are Officials, then only Officials will call violations. 

The time limit for each game is fifteen minutes. The team ahead at the end of time is declared the winner. Either the Official or a designated person will keep the time. 


Sign up to check out cue sticks, balls, chalk, & rack from the Athletic Staff. 

Only experienced players will be allowed to participate. 

A three-game maximum may be enforced when more than two people are signed up. 

All equipment must be turned back in to the Athletic Staff by the last par-ticipants. 


Sign up to check out paddles and balls from Athletic Staff. 

A two-game maximum may be enforced when more than two people are sighed up. 

All equipment must be returned by the last participants. 


The first team to get eleven points will win the game. You only have to win by one (1) point. 

A game will end when a team gets eleven points or ten to fifteen minutes from the start of the game, whichever comes first. The time will be kept by the staff member on duty and their time is official. If there is a tie at the end of time, the team to score first is declared the winner. 

Full-court or half-court will be determined by the amount of participants in the gym during open play times. The staff member on duty at the time will make the decision and their judgement is final. 

Fighting and/or abusive language WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. There is no reason to have that kind of action in a CHURCH GYM. Any infraction of this rule will result in immediate suspension from the gym for a length of time to be determined by the Athletic Committee. 

Balls will be furnished by the Church, so do not bring our own ball. The Church will not be responsible for any balls brought to the gym. 

Fouls may only be called by the person committing the foul or the person being fouled. We trust that you will be honest; therefore, all fouls called will be honored. Bad calls can result in a lot of arguing and that just wastes time. Remember, games are being timed. 

Rule violations may be called by any member of the team. Remember, we are on an honor system, so all calls will be respected. 

There will be no hanging on the rims. Repeated violations may result in suspension from the gym. 

A team will only be allowed to win two or three consecutive games. (*) After their second or third consecutive victory, both teams will leave the court and the next two teams will take the court. 

No player will be allowed to play the next game after losing or after the two or three consecutive victories, unless there are not enough players that are not playing to make up a team or teams.